Our Founders

Apostle Belinda W. Thomas

Founder  BE Restored Worship Center

Apostle Belinda Thomas founded Be Restored Worship Center in Lithia Springs, Georgia in 2009. She serves as Apostle and Presiding Prelate of Be Restored Global Fellowship which provides spiritual and practical accountability for several ministries and kingdom leaders in the United States and abroad.

She has dedicated her life to impacting other people’s lives whether pastoring, serving in the community, mentoring leaders, ministering at conferences, or leading mission project teams around the world. For over 30 years, she faithfully served her home church in various leadership capacities.

She has hosted conferences for leadership teams, worship leaders, prayer intercessors, and women in ministry, which has become the birthing chamber for other ministries and businesses to be launched. She is highly respected for her leadership and business acumen as an entrepreneur, training consultant and strategist for business and ministry.

Apostle Belinda is an insightful visionary and servant leader determined to lead God’s people into total restoration by the Father’s awesome power and redeeming love. Without compromising the message of Jesus Christ, her assignment is to encourage growth in the Kingdom of God through apostolic leadership, prayer, prophetic worship, biblical teaching, coaching, and serving others.

Elder Walter K. Thomas

Co-Founder & Assistant Pastor Emeritus

Elder Walter Thomas, respectfully and endearingly known as Pastor Walt, has served in ministry for over 30 years. He is a servant and man of God with an incredible anointing that astounds those who experience his ministry.

Pastor Walt leads the Kings Fellowship, which is a gathering that empowers men to be stronger, better, more attentive, and productive citizens of the Kingdom, community, and home. His commitment to God is evidenced through his prayer life, faithfulness, and as a stabilizing force for the ministry. He has become affectionately known as our “giant slayer.” Pastor Walt also serves on the Apostolic Council of Be Restored Global Fellowship.